Here at Unique Events London we love helping couples style their wedding reception. We have years of experience working at many venues across London, as well as throughout Bexley, Kent and the surrounding areas. Personalising your venue with our LED lighting is one of our specialities! LED (short for light-emitting diode) lights use much less electricity than (and don’t get as hot as) regular incandescent lightbulbs. They can also be wireless, which makes them even more discreet and aesthetically pleasing!


Lighting Your Wedding Reception

LEDs are great for colour changes and vibrant hues, and executed well, LED lighting can make everything look better, from your wedding cake to your table settings. The right kind of lighting will also allow you to spend less on the rest of the venue décor. Yes, LED lighting really is that effective and can ensure your venue looks truly unforgettable!

Our mood colour wash provides exciting and vibrant colours which will bring your wedding reception to life. We can mix the colour to match a theme or personalise it to your preferred wedding colour scheme. The standard colours are Pink, Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, White and UV Lighting. We can mix these together and offer you over 50 different shades. The lights can be one static colour or if you prefer to change the lights to synchronise with your evening entertainment this can also be arranged. Our lights are fully remote controlled.

LED Lighting Tip

For a truly magical look you can also compliment our LED Uplighting by taking coloured water to another level using coloured submersible LED lights. These LED lights can be safely submerged in liquid. Many of them are wireless, miniature, reusable, self-powered lighting units which will illuminate any feature including floral arrangements, design props, table settings and even ice sculptures. They will stay lit for 36-48 hours… even underwater!

Please feel free to contact us to chat about our LED Lighting for your wedding reception!